Teamwork Tools in the Agilist’s Toolbox

Are you looking for new ways to invigorate your teams? Do retrospectives seem stale or story breakdown meetings feel flat? Maybe your teams are humming and you’re looking for additional variety? The research is clearmovement matters, and play stimulates creativity.

So how can we use this knowledge to promote creativity and collaboration within our teams? Andrew Smith, CSM, ICP, ICP-ATF, ICP-ACC of ISE has created an ebook to answer that question.
Movement Games Guide

This helpful guide includes:

  • More than 10 complete movement games and activities to try with your team
  • Tips on how these practices can be applied to promote collaboration and creativity
  • Techniques on using play to shift perspectives and enable new insights within your team
  • Insights about the importance of creating safety and trust- an essential step for getting all ideas and viewpoints out on the table

Download the ebook to discover how to use these games for reflection and learning – as tools to understand your own style of collaboration and leadership.